Our commitment



  • A search performance guarantee stipulated by contract protecting you against all inheritance contingencies
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Financial guarantee ensuring the representation of funds
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Party to the Genealogists-Notaries partnership agreement of 4th June 2008
  • Member of the Chambre Nationale des Généalogistes (C.N.G.)
  • Founding member of the Union des Syndicats des Généalogistes Professionnels (U.S.G.P.) and signatory to its quality charter



The fees stipulated in the contract are only payable if the inheritance revealed to you comes to a successful conclusion. However, if it transpires that the liabilities payable on the estate are greater than the expected assets, we bear all the expenses incurred.

Our fees are calculated depending on the type of assignment, on the following basis:

Revelation of inheritance

Our fees are calculated on the heir's net share, i.e. after payment of inheritance tax and any probate fees (refer to the main steps in the probate process in the Useful Information) section).
They consist of a percentage deducted from the located heir's share which varies depending on the degree of kinship and the value of the assets.
The percentage covers the genealogist's research costs (travel, searches, investigations, etc.) and fees.

Confirmation of devolution / locating people

If requested by a notary, Coutot-Roehrig is responsible for confirming the devolution of property, and is liable for ensuring that no heirs have been overlooked.
Payment is made as an all-inclusive fee agreed beforehand.