Our missions


Extrait de l'Art.36 de la loi du 23 juin 2006 sur les succession et libéralités : "Le Mandat peut être donné par toute personne ayant un intérêt direct et légitime à l'identification des héritiers ou au règlement de la succession".

What we do :

  • Establishing and proving the rights of heirs (searching for people, checking devolution of property and representing heirs on request in probate) in Europe and the rest of the world 
  • Locating heirs, legatees or any other identified person,
  • Finding property owners, holders of shares and stakes or their assigns and beneficiaries of life insurance contracts. ,
  • Establishing origin of title ,
  • Assisting with asset claims (accounts in escheat) ,
  • Confirming the presumption of absence ,
  • Preparing cases to change or add names ,
  • Miscellaneous investigations (asset location).


Trustee ?

What we can do :

  • Unpaid fees, locating heirs of deceased property owners,
  • Locating property owners
  • Establishing origin of title
  • Search and identification of addresses and persons (people not living at the given address)
  • Establishing the rights of heirs
    • People searches
    • Checking devolution of property
  • Locating heirs
    • Owners, co-owners
    • France and Abroad


Town/City Council ?

Pursuant to a circular dated 8th March 2006 on the conditions of application of Article 147 of French Act No. 2004 809 dated 13th August 2004 on local responsibilities and liberties: "Local authorities wishing to exercise their right of ownership to ownerless properties should first make sure that the properties in question can actually be considered ownerless." 

What we do: 


  • Locating missing owners
  • Searching for the heirs of known owners
  • Conducting a prior investigation before the local authority exercises its right of ownership to the ownerless property

In many cases, almost all of our searches are done at no cost to the town/city council and are payable by the heirs we locate.